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About Nu-Life Dental Lab

Here is some more information about Nu-Life Dental Lab

Nu-Life has been in business for over half a century, we are one of the longest operating dental labs in the country.  With each passing year we achieve a new level of expertise to further our relationship with you. Our bond with each doctor is as important as your bond with your patients. Together we can offer unparalleled service strengthening your relationship with the patient and our relationship with you. This level of professionalism is what we aim for with every case. 

From Cercon HT to Valplast, we treat each of our cases with the level of expertise we know our clients deserve. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • We disinfect every impression and bite.
  • We pour all models the same day the impression is received.
  • Your prescription is read and your instructions are reviewed by the waxer, finisher, ceramist and polisher to assure your desired aesthetic and functional result.
  • Each phase of fabrication is checked to assure that your casework specifications are being followed.
  • Your finished case is disinfected and is carefully packaged and delivered to your office on time.

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About Bob Wallace
Founder and former President of Nu-Life Dental Lab

Bob was considered by many in the industry to be a pioneer and leader in semi-precision attachments. His knowledge of implant rehabilitation was unparalleled. Captain Bob gave his life to Nu-Life and he is greatly missed.


About Ed Riccobono

Mr. Riccobono has been in the dental lab business for over 35 years. He is a top notch administrator and the best trouble shooter in the business. He'll make sure the job gets done to perfection.


About Rudy Maisto
Supervisor of Cosmetics - Porcelain Department

Rudy can assist with any technical problem from implants to crown and bridge. With more than 30 years experience under his belt he is just another reason Nu life Is the leader in Restorative, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.