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"It is my pleasure to recommend Nu-Life Dental Laboratory, Inc. as your full service dental laboratory.
Since 1984, as the Dental Director of Coney Island Hospital, I have utilized Nu-Life Laboratory services exclusively for our dental clinic. This laboratory provides premium quality dental restorations at a reasonable fee. All types of prosthetic restorations are manufactured, including but not limited to simple crown and bridge, full mouth reconstructions with traditional porcelain fused to metal work, all ceramic crowns, complex implant restorative casework, removable full dentures, cast partial dentures, and Valplast.

Not only am I satisfied with the quality of the work, but more importantly the outstanding service rendered by Ed Riccobono and his staff has convinced me to maintain this relationship for almost thirty years. l have a close relationship with my porcelain technician who always makes himself available to discuss any cases that we are currently working on. We speak daily and sometimes multiple times per day. Our clinic is a high volume facility generating 14,000 visits per year. We receive daily deliveries from Nu-Life. Often, special deliveries are made by the owner or his staff, in circumstances where patients really need to be expedited. Patients are always welcome to go directly to the lab for immediate denture repair and custom shade selection.

I use Nu-Life Laboratory exclusively for my private practice in Staten lsland as well. It is not unusual for Ed to drive all the way to Staten lsland from Mill Basin, just to ensure that I have a case on time. l would encourage you to consider working with this fantastic group of people. You will not be disappointed."

Eleanor J. Olsen, DDS
Dental Director
Coney lsland Hospital
Brooklyn, NY


"The Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center Department of Dentistry has worked with the NuLite Dental Laboratory for over twenty-three years in the provision of our dental prosthetic services. We have always found them to be willing to discuss cases treatment planning; discussion of solutions to problems making the prostheses amenable to corrections when final products did not work out as expected. We have always had access to lab technicians before and during the fabrication of prosthetic cases. And the quality of work has been at the level where very few remakes have been needed over the many years.

We would feel very confident to recommend Nu-Lite Dental Laboratory as the provider of prosthetic services. "

Alfonzo B. Owens, III, DMD MPH
Cumberland Diagnostic Center
Brooklyn, NY


"Please be advised that I am the Director of Dentistry at the East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Brooklyn. New York. We are an extremely busy facility producing a large amount of removable and fixed prosthetics per year. We have used the Nu-Life Dental Laboratory for approximately l0 years. I have found their staff to be highly professional, knowledgeable and helpful concerning all laboratory aspects of dentistry.

I have always depended on Nu-Life Dental Laboratory to produce the most accurate and esthetic products for my patients. They have, over the years gone beyond the call of duty. The Nu-Life Laboratory has enhanced my practice."

Warren A. Williams, DDS
Brooklyn, NY


"I have been doing business with Nu-Life Dermal Laboratory, Inc. for more than 3O years. Nu-Life Dental is a full service laboratory producing restorative and cosmetic casework for our dental facility and we are satisfied with their workmanship and service.
They are a very efficient and helpful laboratory. Their on-time performance is excellent and they are a very accommodating laboratory."

Joshua Verona, DDS
University Hospital and Manhattan Campus for Albert Einstein


"My name is Dr. Mei, Director of Gouverneur Hospital and Judson Health Center of New York City, New York.

It is with great satisfaction that I recommend Eddie Riccobono and the staff of Nu-Life Dental Laboratory.
Our relationship with Nu-Life at Gouverneur Hospital and Judson Health Center has been growing on a steady basis as Nu-Life Laboratory continues to offer premium type casework as well as introduce new and innovative dental products.

Our relationship with Nu-Life goes back more that twenty years.

Our clinic, being a center with a high volume of dental casework, has come in depend on the phone contact, case instruction and full service restorations that Nu-Life Dental produces.

Nu-Life dental can and has produced their services for high volume dental centers such as ours so we highly recommend them."

Dr. Mei
Judson Health Center of New York City, New York


"I have been a client of Nu-Life since 1975.

My contact has always been professional and friendly. From the front desk- to discuss cases - to delivery service. Rudy or Eddie – excellent service.

• Accessible to discuss cases
• Knowledgeable and pleasant to speak and discuss cases with
• Reliable and excellent return on work"

Alan Wainstock, DDS
Brooklyn, NY